Frequently Asked Questions About Coaching

The term “coaching” can be vague and confusing. I’ve created a list of FAQs to answer the common questions I’ve received. If you have a question that I didn’t address, email me at and I’ll add it to the list!

What even is a wellness coach?

A wellness coach is someone who helps you make your big dreams and goals a reality. Wellness coaches help clients to recognize their strengths and abilities, find and address destructive or negative behaviors, and support clients in transforming their lifestyle to one of health, happiness, and fulfillment. I choose to focus on people who need help fixing their inner health – their self-worth and confidence, how they talk to themselves, and help my clients to really love and accept themselves, so they can have healthy relationships, fuller social lives, and happier careers!

Who needs coaching?

Honestly, everyone could benefit from a little coaching. But again, I like to work with people who beat themselves up, feel like they’re not good enough for success, and don’t believe that they deserve love and happiness. We all have fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs, and my passion in life is to give people the tools to navigate through rough patches (we’re all going to have them, over and over again in this lifetime). You need coaching if you let your self-doubt stop you from progressing in life, you don’t think you’re good enough for good things, or just plain don’t like yourself.

What happens when I hire you?

We set up a date and time to have our sessions, either in person, over the phone, or via video chat. During our sessions, I’ll ask you what you need support with, what your want to work on, or what you’re struggling with. We’ll spend our time together talking through whatever you need help with, I’ll ask you questions to help you see your problem from a different perspective, and together, we’ll come up with goals or strategies to move past the issue. I ask a lot of deep questions to get you thinking, problem solving, and having a breakthrough. You should leave our session feeling energized, excited about the strategies you’re going to implement, and happy that you’re finally making positive changes in your life.

Are you going to push me to share?

The honest answer is yes. You hired me for a reason, and my goal is to help you have a breakthrough. If I let you avoid all the hard questions, you won’t make any changes. It’s hard to examine yourself or your past, but to heal and move forward, it has to be done. Will I hound you with questions and force you to answer them? No, I cannot force you to do anything you don’t want to do. But I will do my best to get you thinking, help you process past events or behaviors, and finally love and accept yourself. It’s not an easy thing to do, but you will continue to be unhappy until you put in some work.

What if I decide I’m not ready for change?

The human response to change is to fall back into our comfort zone and stay safe. At first, you may feel like you aren’t ready to do this, that signing up for coaching was a mistake. This is just your mind trying to keep you in your comfort zone. You must realize that fear is a natural reaction to change, and if you let it, fear will keep you stagnant and unmoving in life, fear is probably what got you into your current situation, and why you hired me. If you just complete the first session, you’ll feel a weight lifted off of you, hope for the future, and excitement for change, trust me.

How is coaching different than therapy?

Coaching is a team activity – we work together to create a better life for you in a set amount of time (one, three, or six months). Coaching focuses on your goals and wellness and actively propels you farther than you can get on your own. Therapy is a more passive modality, and is defined as the method of fixing mental, emotional, or behavioral disorders. Therapy is a long term relationship, and focuses on digging into your past to figure out cause and effect in your life. Therapy is a wonderful tool that many people benefit from, but coaching is for people who want to take immediate and focused action to better their lives in a short amount of time.

What is the outcome I’ll see from receiving coaching from you?

You’ll be given many tools and strategies that you will use for the rest of your life to better handle the ups and downs that will come your way. You’ll be able to finally love yourself, and through that improved relationship, you’ll have healthier connections with romantic partners, family, and friends. You’ll have a fuller social life, and be happier in your career (or on the path to finding a new one that makes you happy). Learning to love and accept yourself is the foundation for a happy life. Your perception of the world is fully based on your perception of yourself – so if you beat yourself up and don’t like yourself, you’ll perceive an unhappy, unfair world. If you love and respect yourself, you’ll perceive a loving and happy world. The outcome of coaching is a powerful shift from a negative, unhappy life, to a positive, happy one.

Do you offer payment plans?

I do offer payment plans, on all packages except the one month package. If you need a payment plan, we’ll talk about it while scheduling our sessions. I understand that money may be an issue for some, so please, let’s have a conversation before you rule out coaching from your budget.

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